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I am a 5th year Ph.D. candidate in Management at the George Washington University School of Business. My research seeks to understand how different aspects of the contemporary workplace affect career equality. Using multiple methodological techniques, I examine this question through two streams of research. My primary research stream focuses on the impact that increased virtuality at work has on career equality. In a second line of inquiry, I explore equality gaps that persist among star performers and leaders and aim to understand the forces that work against certain groups becoming stars and leaders.

Taken together, my research helps explain not only the complex factors that impact equality in today’s workplace but also the nature of certain inequities that we may be building into the workplace of tomorrow.

Prior to my doctoral studies, I was as a strategy consultant at Monitor Deloitte, where I worked for several Global Fortune 100 companies in Europe and Latin America. I also worked in the Human Resources and Strategy departments of Roche and Siemens-Gamesa, respectively, and have volunteered for African and Latin American NGOs focused on education.

Originally from San Sebastian, Spain, I received an MBA from IESE Business School (2016) and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Navarra (2011).

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