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Selected Comments from Students 


Human Capital in Organizations (40 Undergraduate students, Spring, 2021): 5/5

  • "The best part of this class was how applicable all of the course content is/will be to my life and career! I feel like I learned extremely valuable information that will serve me well. The other best part was the professor. She was the best! So kind, intelligent about the subject, and wanted everyone to succeed."

  • "She created an incredible learning environment and structured the course in a great way."

  • "The classes, even though online, were very engaging with videos, surveys and Kahoots. The Professor made the class very interesting and used day to day examples to explain definitions."

Human Capital in Organizations (45 Undergraduates students, Fall, 2020) 

  • "I think the professor did an amazing job at making the material applicable to the real world, in addition I liked that we had a class a week devoted to lecture, and another class devoted to discussion. Another great aspect is I enjoyed that she mixed up the course content by having us listen to a podcast and then also watching short videos in class. I think having a mixture of teaching style really helps keep students engaged."

  • "Professor Villamor is an AMAZING teacher. I’ve never had a teacher at GW who actually listened to student feedback and then did something about it! She is so knowledgeable about the subject and I liked how she separated her classes--Tuesday (lecture) and Thursday (zoom discussions). I also loved the videos presented during class. They helped me stay engaged during the lectures. In addition, the subject matter was so interesting"

  • "Professor Villamor Martin was always well prepared, engaging, and understanding. Her lectures were well planned, easy to follow, and informative. The course workload was perfect for the material."

Unrequested feedback (extracts from emails received at the end of the semester):

  • "I wanted to thank you for an incredible semester! I thoroughly enjoyed your class and your teaching. I have taken away so much from this course that will help me succeed in my future endeavors. Your kindness and compassion throughout the semester have meant a lot and were incredibly encouraging!"

  • "It was an honor to be able to take your class as the first class after returning from the military service. It was a valuable time to learn many things during this semester. Thank you for your time and consideration."

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